Tips To Ensure That You Receive The Packages You Order Without Delay

The world of ecommerce has exploded.  We now have the ability to sit in front of a computer or our cell phone and place orders for anything that we could possibly desire, and have it delivered to our homes in a matter of days if not hours.  With this advancement in service availability making sure that our distribution solutions lafayette la are up to speed and are free of errors. 

Besides relying on these systems to work flawlessly, you as the consumer should go out of your way to ensure that you have done everything in your power to ensure that packages arrive as they should.  Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your success.


The number one thing you want to ensure is that your address is correct.  With new subdivisions and poorly named streets making sure that what you put on your order form is the correct address.  One thing you want to be sure of with your address is the street name spelling.  For example, the word Green can be spelled several ways, Green, Greene.  Another word that you want to make sure is correct is Ave, Avenue, St, Street, Ln, Lane.  Sometimes these subtle changes can cause real issues with deliveries.

Being home

If you order something try to be home when it is delivered.  Porch Pirates and even delivery people are out in force trying to get something for nothing.  Requiring a signature and a specific signature will also help in ensuring that your package is delivered to the correct person and address.

Tracking app

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If you are expecting a package download the tracking app for your phone.  These apps are specific for your carrier but will give you turn by turn location information about your package.  Using these apps, ensuring someone is home and that your address is correct will be all strong points towards receiving your packages once they leave the warehouse.